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Elizabeth H. Vu




Lam Vissay
  • IMDb
"From the first communication, Elizabeth was super friendly, professional, and enthusiastic about my project. Her attention to detail was exceptional, and she provided invaluable feedback that helped me to improve the structure, pacing, and character development of my script. She also provided suggestions for dialogue and offered creative solutions to problems that I was struggling with."
Joy Hopwood
  • IMDb
“Elizabeth did an outstanding job editing my 4th romantic comedy script - The Gift that Gives. She worked to a deadline & was highly professional. I highly recommend her services.”
Jorge Carvajal
  • IMDb
“She helped me develop and improve my idea effectively, and it was a genuine delight to work with her.  Not only does she have a remarkable talent for handling pace and dialogue flow in contained settings, but she also knows how to create tension and suspense in a confined space like no other. I also find it amazing how she can add her unique vision and personal touch to everything she writes."
Maria Tran
  • IMDb
Elizabeth H. Vu's screenwriting services are exceptional. Her talent for crafting compelling stories and relatable characters, coupled with her professionalism and passion for storytelling, make her a standout screenwriter. With Elizabeth, you can expect nothing less than excellence in your screenplay.
Takashi Hara
  • IMDb
Elizabeth writes character emotions like impressionist paints. You can feel the atmosphere and moments on each page. She respects all the characters' journeys and brings their lives, and spirits into her script as if they truly exist somewhere in the world.
Quyen Chung
  • IMDb
Until I started acting lessons with Elizabeth, I didn’t understand the importance of micro expressions. Since working with her, I feel my acting has become more natural and I have a better understanding of the complexity of a character and also how to break down a script/character.
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