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Psychological thriller ‘Wake’ lands for UK and US (exclusive)

18th February 2024


Film Seekers acquires US thriller ‘Wake’ with Fivel Stewart (exclusive)

10th May 2023

Film Combat Syndicate

ECHO 8 Review: A Lean, Inspiring DIY Psych Action Drama With A Beating Heart

10th January 2023


‘Umma’s Fivel Stewart To Exec Produce & Star In Horror-Thriller ‘Wake’

2nd September 2022


‘Umma’ Actress Set To Star In Upcoming Horror ‘Wake’

2nd September 2022

Film Combay Syndicate

ECHO 8: Asian-Australian Psych Action Thriller Launches Official Trailer And Indiegogo

28th August 2022

Film Combat Syndicate

ECHO 8: Catch The Brand New Poster Before The Official Trailer Launch On Friday

18th August 2022

IF Magazine

Maria Trần calls the shots in ‘Echo 8’

21st January 2020

IF Magazine

ECHO 8: Maria Tran, Phoenix Eye Fast Track Independent Psych Action Thriller For January Production

24th November 2019

Film Combat Syndicate

Streaming Sleepers: ECHO 8 Takes Off On Reveel. Watch It Now For Free!

12th February 2023

Film Combat Syndicate

ECHOES AHEAD: A Word With ‘Echo 8’ Scribe Elizabeth H. Vu

18th February 2023

Film Combat Syndicate

Asian-Australian Psych Action Sci-Fi ECHO 8 Gets A Short-But-Sweet Exhilarating Teaser

9th November 2022


Fivel Stewart to Star in Psychological Horror Film ‘Wake’

2nd September 2022

Horror News Network

New Horror Thriller ‘Wake’ in Early Production Mode

2nd September 2022

Martial Arts Action Cinema

Maria Tran Directs & Stars in Independent Actioner Echo 8

28th August 2022

Film Combat Syndicate

ECHO 8 Gets A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The New Aussie Indie Action Thriller Two Years In The Making

28th August 2021


ECHO 8: TRUY SAT’S Maria Tran is Locked and Loaded for Her Directorial Debut with the Upcoming Action-Thriller!

26th December 2019

Film Combat Syndicate

ECHO 8 Trilogy: Casting Call Underway For ‘Five By Five’ And ‘Beyond’ Through February

8th January 2024

Film Combat Syndicate

Asian-Australian Independent Action Thriller ECHO 8 Lands Two Back-To-Back Sequels Shooting In 2025

5th February 2023


Wake: Fivel Stewart stars in horror film about remake actress meeting original film’s star

16th September 2022


‘Umma’ Actress Fivel Stewart Will Produce and Star in Horror Movie ‘Wake’

2nd September 2022


ECHO 8: A Female Assassin is Unleashed as Past, Present & Future Collide in the New Trailer for the Blistering Indie Actioner!

29th August 2022

Being Asian Australian

New Poster Launched For Asian Australian Film “ECHO 8”

25th August 2022

Film Combat Syndicate

ECHO 8: Maria Tran’s Aussie Feature Debut Thriller Spawns Premiere Key Art

8th August 2021

Film Combat Syndicate

ECHO 8 Scores A Trio Of Character Posters For Maria Tran’s Action Feature Debut

23rd December 2019


The Perception (Movie Review)

25th January 2019

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